Authors and contributors to the project.

The tessel project is coordinated by Nicolas Frerebeau and Brice Lebrun.

Full list of contributors

The following contributors have made it possible to develop this project through their helpful discussion and by sharing ideas (list by name):

Vincent Arel-Bundock 0000-0003-2042-7063
Jean-Baptiste Fourvel 0000-0002-1061-4642
Nicolas Frerebeau 0000-0001-5759-4944
Brice Lebrun 0000-0001-7503-8685
Ben Marwick 0000-0001-7879-4531
Matthew Peeples 0000-0003-4496-623X
Anne Philippe 0000-0002-5331-5087

Institutional support

This project is supported by:

Centre de Recherche et d’Etudes pour l’Art Préhistorique MSHS-Toulouse (USR 3414)
Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès
Maison de la Recherche
5, allées Antonio Machado
F-31058 Toulouse cedex 9
Centre de Recherche en Physique Appliquée à l’Archéologie IRAMAT (UMR 5060)
Université Bordeaux Montaigne
Maison de l’Archéologie
F-33607 Pessac cedex


If you see mistakes or want to suggest changes, please create an issue on the source repository.


Text and figures are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 4.0. Source code is available at https://github.com/tesselle/website, unless otherwise noted. The figures that have been reused from other sources don't fall under this license and can be recognized by a note in their caption: "Figure from ...".