The tesselle universe

Install tesselle packages from our CRAN-like repository on R-universe


CREAP (UAR 3414)


August 15, 2021

Most of the R packages of the tesselle project are distributed on CRAN when they reach an acceptable level of maturity. Development versions can be installed from GitHub using remotes :

## Install the development version from GitHub

Thanks to the R-universe project powered by rOpenSci, tesselle now has its own CRAN-like repository: This repository allows to install all development versions and non-CRAN packages (e.g. WIP packages and large data packages).

Download tesselle packages

If you want to install a package from the tesselle universe, simply use install.packages() with the additional repository:

## Install a package from the 'tesselle' universe
install.packages("tabula", repos = "")
## Enable the repository globally
options(repos = c(tesselle = "",
                  CRAN = ""))

## Install some packages
install.packages(c("tabula", "kairos"))

Use the repository

You can use this repository in your R package (if available, CRAN releases must be regarded as the preferred source). To do so, prepare the DESCRIPTION file of your R package:

  • List the package under Suggests:
  • Add the line Additional_repositories:
  • Test your package with R CMD check --as-cran



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